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Overcoming phone distraction.

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. I trust y’all are doing good since my last blog post. Well, we are in May, we are still in lockdown and Covid-19 isn’t over yet.😣Today’s post is similar to my last post.During this period, we tend to use our phones more because everyone is bored and our phones are like our major companion apart from humans — of course.

  • Are you making use of our phones in the right way?
  • Are you being productive with your phone?
  • Are you just draining your battery on social media and games?

Most times before you sleep at night you plan out your day. You plan to start the next day with productivity. When you wake the next day, there’s this determination that fuels up in you. You set to work till you actually receive a notification ‘that a special somebody posted a picture’ then curiosity takes over you. You start reading comments that was made on that post till you start stalking the commenters in which you find interesting.

You totally forget about the work you have planned out for the day. Just like that, your determination is buried. Almost, everyone is guilty of this. Since phones have been designed in a way to make you addicted.It’s absolutely okay to be active on social media, play games, try out stuffs you never had time to do before this period but it’s not okay when you become addicted to your phone.

In my last post, I talked about 4 tips on staying productive. If you’re not being productive with our phone then what are you really doing?Sometimes, your phones might just be a distraction.So, I put together a few tips that can help in overcoming phone distractions.

  • Be determined

This sounds corny lol. It takes determination to overcome phone distraction. You’re about to write a blog post and a notification comes in. If you are really determined to get done with the blog post you would ignore the notification.

  • Block some of your apps temporarily

I rely on my phone/laptop anytime I write. So i make use of the ‘Screen Time app’ to track my phone usage. This app makes me execute my work with full concentration. It allows me choose my focus feature and block the unwanted apps.

  • Place your phone in a different room.

This helps me a lot. When you set out to do something that doesn’t require your phone, place your phone in a different room to ward off distractions.

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