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There are days where you are unhappy for no absolute reason.

There are times where happiness lasts only for a short period of time—you’re happy one minute and the next you are not. In this post, i share 5 things that make you happy or can switch your mood from a 0 to an 100.

Here are five things that can make you happy;

  • Be around people

Not just people, but people you love. Nothing good comes out from spending your time with toxic people—who only bring a lot of negative energy. Spending your time with people you love(non-toxic humans) brings a lot of positive energy which is just enough to light up your day.

  • Add happiness to your lifestyle.

Sometimes, you’re the one holding your self back from being happy. A day out at the park— spending time all by yourself watching a movie, listening music—could lift up your spirit.

  • Exercise

A really long walk with your earphones plugged in, should do. It could be jumping jacks also—you don’t necessarily need a stressful exercise. Walking for only 20-30 minutes a day could make you feel really good. Remember physical wellness equates to mental wellness.

  • Forgive/ don’t hold grudges.

Holding a grudge comes with this pain and darkness that can easily consume you. Negative emotions can be reason for your unhappiness which makes you consider resentment and thoughts of revenge. Forgive the other person—i know this is very easy to say or it might sound cliché. Forgiveness comes with peace of mind.

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