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Things we are all guilty of.

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In today’s post I share things we are all guilty of.

We are guilty of being so called up to the things of this world, ruining, striving, toiling so hard to achieve things that don’t just matter or do they? *think about it* and we neglect the most important thing of all which is our relationship with God.

  I guess it is the world that we live in that affect us, the moment you were born, everyone keeps pushing you to do more, be more—right from the time we were just that little baby being forced to crawl before everyone else and take that first step before everyone till you are put in school, where everyone expects you be at the top of the class, and if you aren’t keeping up they still try to push you harder making sure you are in the best school/University—so you get the best job until you are constantly trying to be running faster and faster so you are better than everybody else. Don’t get me wrong it is actually a good thing to have people who care enough to push you to do better.

These days, it is like everyone is too busy—we are all running so fast that we have no time for anybody else—we are always exhausted yet we keep running and running and lot of us don’t even know why we are running.

Why are we running?

Why do we keep pushing ourselves so hard to make more money?

Yeah I get it, we all want that business, a really nice car and that house.

But what really happens, when the business or that car is gone. I’m not trying to be a pessimist here but think about it again and again.

Note: I’m not saying hardwork is a bad thing, hardwork is a really great thing. You have to work really hard to achieve a lot.

This directs me to a verse  in the Bible “Psalm 47:10
Be still, and know that I am God
And that is where the problem comes, in the world of today, it is so hard to just be still when everyone is pushing so hard and running so fast. We have literally the world at our fingertips, we have family, friends and jobs to work. It is a very hard thing to just be still.

We live in a world of efficiency and achievement and the thought of just sitting still means nothing because we think if we just slow down a bit, we are not going to accomplish our goals and other people will just pass us so we just keep going and going and the problem with that is God has created to be relational beings—he wants to have a relationship with us and this demands three things;

✓ Our heart.
✓ Our time.
✓ Our energy.

When God created Adam and Eve, the bible recorded that he was walking in the garden with them. Jesus said, ‘Abide in me and I in you.’ and this is what we were created for, to have a deep relationship with our maker.

We all want to be independent and control our life. We don’t want to spend time getting to know God and be intimate with him because we have things to do.

This reminds me of James 4:14
whereas you do not know what will  happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
James 4:14 NKJV

That is how God describes our life, it is like a vapour it is there and suddenly it is gone, you have no idea of what the next hour holds. Even when you think you are in control of your life—you are not.

Try to spend time with God wants our attention (James 4:5)
It is not about what we do
It is about knowing him and loving him
We are living in no better time than now so wake up reunite with God—your first love. Quarantine with him

I am not saying we should sit around all day. God has called us to good work and that is what we need to do but he has not called us to do that work so hard that it takes away our relationship with him and the time that we spend with him.

God wants us to have so much security in him that is not dependent on how much you perform and how well you perform, how successful you are. He wants us to be so much secured that we no longer feel debt—there is so much joy and so much peace waiting on the other side of deep relationship with him.

There are so many things in our life that are out of our control, but something that is in our countrol is the decision that we make whether or not to seek a relationship with God every single day. It is a choice.

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Hi beautiful people, welcome back to my blog. I hope y’all are doing well.

The past week wasn’t the best week for me. I felt unmotivated to do anything. Although, it is okay to unproductive sometimes. I was tired of everything—i took a break, changed locations, and even took longer walks but nothing really changed even though it helped a little.

Since the lockdown started—we haven’t been getting access to hugs not just hugs but people to share some certain things with.

A lot have been happening lately, there are so many things—we find hard to process. Even though, it is the new norm now.

Before the pandemic, we had distractions that never made us notice the new norm—school, friends, and work. A lot of us are confused, lost in the sea of humans on social media. Each time, something bad happens on social media—words fail us. I know it is not mandatory to talk because not everyone would be activists—not everyone can rant. We just can’t process why all these is happening.

Maybe this might never pass— like they say because it is already part of the norm. It may only reduce a bit then suddenly spring up again.

According to Urban dictionary, E-hug is usually an electronic image of a hug created by using common keyboard symbols. Commonly used to give the calming effects of a hug over the internet. The emblem is usually like this ‎(>O_o)> (o_O )

I know the past week has been a rough one for you and i. This is me sending you E-hugs. I hope i would get one back from you.

I know you are probably tired of hearing the same news everyday. You are probably tired of the recent reccurring events on the media. We are all tired and you are not alone.

Most times, taking a break helps temporarily—but when you go back. It starts again. It is a cycle that can never stop.

This is me sending you E-hugs.

I know E-hugs can’t be compared to the calming effect of a physical hugs. This is my way of checking up on you and telling not to lose yourself amidst it all. You are loved and God loves you even more.

If you need a buddy to talk to you can connect with me on my Twitter and my Instagram. Remember someone loves you. Stay sane and stay blessed.

E-HUGS? You earned some.

Is love really what they say it is?

Dear friends,

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Maybe love isn’t what they say it is. This is my love story, so grab a seat, you might be needing popcorns too lol.

My love story started when the creator of the universe decided to bless me with the greatest gift, which is life, of course.

My parents would say love was born on a cold, drizzling Saturday in July 14. Love came as a baby with the wildest hair and the most beautiful smile.

Your definition of love might be a feeling of intense attraction towards someone. Is love really based on attraction?

If you think Love is all about attraction towards the other person, then you are wrong. I don’t know if you have seen my disha page. If you haven’t you should check it out here. If you clicked on the link. You should be able to see my view on love there.

What is Love to me?

Unconditional love is the love God has for me. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t deserve this love even though I haven’t been the most grateful person be HE still shows up everytime.

Storge love is the love my parents have for me. Through the years, they have seen me struggle and fight but they never got tired of me.

Philia love is the love you have for me, yeah you! You’re my friend and I am happy you read up to this point. I love you!

All my life, I have always been scared to love.

What if they don’t love me back?

He/She doesn’t even rate me.

I didn’t have the smoothest childhood. I cried a lot. I craved for even a little bit of love. I realized early enough God’s love is the best, my parents love is better and your love is good.

In 2017, I received the most beautiful form of love from a stranger I never knew. If he had left me lying on the road maybe this blog wouldn’t have happened or I would have never met you.

Love is when, everyone in my life hype me up with positive words of affirmation.

My love story truly started when I started becoming grateful even for the seemingly little things.

The journey called love is continuous, it never ends.

This is me sending lots of loves to you, and to whoever comes across this post. You are loved by God and I love you!

What is Love to you? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

If you need a buddy to talk to you can connect with me on my Twitter and my Instagram. Remember someone loves you. Stay sane and stay blessed.❤️

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. In today post, I’ll be talking about why staying sane on social media drama is important.

A lot have been going on and off social media lately. Social media is becoming toxic daily. The type of  content being put out there is sickening. Sometimes, we want to take a break off it but it’s not so easy and we find ourselves going back to it, again and again.

We all need social media to reach out to loved ones, family and friends. You and I can’t do without it. Social media is really good for promoting awareness but social media is not good when it’s becoming toxic. The media has brought jealous, anxiety and it has worsened our mental health.

Your mental health matters to stay sane.

  • What type of content do you follow on social media?
  • What type of content do you put out there?
  • Do you spread hate or love on social media?



This has been one of the most fruitful changes I have made regarding staying sane on social media.

The type of people you follow matters.
What type of content do they put out on their page?
You have a choice to follow and unfollow them. Maybe, you should unfollow that stranger who is only interested in body shaming and follow the stranger who post contents that would soothe your mind.


Follow accounts that will make you smile, brighten your day and also fill your page with healthy contents that with put a smile to other people’s face.


It’s absolutely okay to take a break.
Stay away from all those negativity.

You have now come to the end of this blog post.
I hope you find my tips helpful.

NB: I’m no expert. I’m just sharing tips that I’ve practiced and have worked out really well for me.

Thank you so much for reading!
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I love you!

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What’s staying sane like?

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Overcoming phone distraction.

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. I trust y’all are doing good since my last blog post. Well, we are in May, we are still in lockdown and Covid-19 isn’t over yet.😣Today’s post is similar to my last post.During this period, we tend to use our phones more because everyone is bored and our phones are like our major companion apart from humans — of course.

  • Are you making use of our phones in the right way?
  • Are you being productive with your phone?
  • Are you just draining your battery on social media and games?

Most times before you sleep at night you plan out your day. You plan to start the next day with productivity. When you wake the next day, there’s this determination that fuels up in you. You set to work till you actually receive a notification ‘that a special somebody posted a picture’ then curiosity takes over you. You start reading comments that was made on that post till you start stalking the commenters in which you find interesting.

You totally forget about the work you have planned out for the day. Just like that, your determination is buried. Almost, everyone is guilty of this. Since phones have been designed in a way to make you addicted.It’s absolutely okay to be active on social media, play games, try out stuffs you never had time to do before this period but it’s not okay when you become addicted to your phone.

In my last post, I talked about 4 tips on staying productive. If you’re not being productive with our phone then what are you really doing?Sometimes, your phones might just be a distraction.So, I put together a few tips that can help in overcoming phone distractions.

  • Be determined

This sounds corny lol. It takes determination to overcome phone distraction. You’re about to write a blog post and a notification comes in. If you are really determined to get done with the blog post you would ignore the notification.

  • Block some of your apps temporarily

I rely on my phone/laptop anytime I write. So i make use of the ‘Screen Time app’ to track my phone usage. This app makes me execute my work with full concentration. It allows me choose my focus feature and block the unwanted apps.

  • Place your phone in a different room.

This helps me a lot. When you set out to do something that doesn’t require your phone, place your phone in a different room to ward off distractions.

You have now come to the end of this blog post.
I hope you find my tips helpful.
Thank you so much for reading!
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