Started your natural hair journey or you are about to embark on this journey.

Stagnant growth can be very annoying. You have probably tried out that all the promising hair masks. Watched several YouTube video but your hair still won’t grow past the length that it is now. In this post, I tackled what you might be doing wrong and why your hair isn’t growing past the same length.

First off, you might want to ask yourself the following questions;

What is my hair type? (This will be discussed in another post)

Why is my hair not growing?

What could I be doing wrong?

I complied a list of reasons why your hair isn’t growing and how to grow healthy hair.

  1. Using too much heat

Understand how heat is too much. I know you love the silky, straight hair that comes with flat ironing your hair. Heat damage affects all hair type whether you are natural or relaxed.

Here are signs that you are using too much heat;
✓ Your hair shaft and natural curls becomes destroyed by the use of high and excessive heat.

✓ Your ends are seriously split, more than usual.

Use a heat protection serum on your hair, any time you want to apply heat. Although, it is not guaranteed that it reduces your chances of a damaged hair but it will reduce the possibility while adding a coating of oils to your hair that will protect and nourish it. You can also stretch your hair naturally. A good example of natural stretching is African threading.

2. Using lots of chemicals

If your hair is natural stick to natural products. There are lots of strong and abrasive cleansers(shampoo and conditioners) and this is what they do to the hair;

✓ They irritate the scalp.

✓ They cause weakened hair and regular hair loss. 

✓ They make your hair prone to regular breakage.

If you use these products regularly, you are not going to achieve that hair growth you need.

  1. You are not washing your hair right

Yes, you are washing your hair but are doing it right? Hot water does no good to your hair. It strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving your hair with no natural, valuable oil, making it look dry and brittle and dry hair leads to dandruff and itchiness. Hot water makes your hair over porous, and this prompts breakage and brittleness but warmwater stimulates the flow of blood to the follicles, which encourages hair growth. It open the cuticles on your scalp. This allows you to clean your hair thoroughly. Cold water helps to close the cuticles which gives your hair some much needed shine.

  1. You have unrealistic expectations of hair growth
Image: Toyosi Alonge

Your hair can’t just grow magically in one night or in a week. You don’t have to believe every thing being put out there. You need patience for your hair to growth. Try out new natural products, write out your goals, and give it time to work out in order to achieve a realistic goal.

  1. You are not using essential oils on your hair.
Image credit: naturalliving ideas

Essential oils can help you improve the health of your hair with very little risk of side effects at an affordable price. They’re also easy to use. Making good use of essential oils like coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil and lavender oil really helps your oil. There are some many essential oil, find the one that is best suitable for your hair type to yield growth.  

6. You are not taking care of your diet

Image credit: bebeautiful.in

If you eat right your hair will grow right. What you eat affects the growth of your hair. Lacking the right nutrients including vitamins A, C, D and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, biotin, protein and essential fatty acids may slow down hair growth or even cause hair loss. Drinking lots of water helps too. I mentioned that in my harmattan hair care tips too! You can read more here;

  1. You don’t do protective hair styles

Protective hair styles don’t require daily hair retouching and it tucks hair away and protects it. It retains growth while growing your hair longer and keeping hair soft during the process. It gives you the opportunity to take a break from heat and styling products.
Protective hair styles like; buns, plaits, cornrows, Bantu knots and two strand twists are all protective styles. 

On low manipulation hairstyles, my locs in this picture is a good example.

Some common low manipulation hairdos include braids, flat twists, faux locs, cornrows and wigs.

  1. You do a lot of tight hair styles

If the hair is pulled back too tightly, it can break away from its roots, which can result in splitting, hairweakness, and follicle damage. Make sure you keep the start of the braid loose. Braids that are too tight can also cause tensile stress, which occurs when there is constant tugging on hair follicles.

Styling your hair too often can also be a major reason why your hair isn’t growing. Let your hair breathe.

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Hi beautiful people, a lot has happened this year but here you are reading this post. I was rewatching the movie ‘Life in a year’ for the umpeenth time this year when this post came to mind.

2020 has been the roughest year for most people, I have lost a lot of people this year, lost so many opportunities due to the pandemic but despite being a rough year—2020 was still a year of awakening for most of us. Here are a few lessons I have learnt in the year 2020;

✓ Just do it

You want to open that business, write that book, be more consistent, take a day off, practice self care—just do it. Time waits for no one. Don’t procrastinate.

✓ You only have this moment, you can’t live 31/12/2020 twice.

✓ You are not lazy if you aren’t productive all the time. Taking a time off for yourself is not lazy or selfish.

✓ Don’t give way for fear, don’t let fear control you.

✓ Be grateful even for the seemingly little things.

✓ Don’t judge, hear the other person out first.


Safe to say 2020 is a wrap. This year was definitely my year of awakening. I became more intentional about a lot of things. I have learnt so much this year and I hope to apply them next year. I don’t have anything planned out for the new year yet but I hope to be a better version of myself. I am also grateful to every who has supported my blog this year.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you an amazing and blissful 2021. Happy new year in advance.

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The world is so beautiful and we are lucky to be in it. 2020 might have not been your best year but there are so many things to be grateful for. It is the 13th day of December and here are 13 things I am grateful for;

1.  I am grateful for my hands, It is Blogmas day 10 already and typed all of my posts with my hands. I have read lots of books in 2020 and I used my hands to flip through those pages.

2. I am grateful for my subscribers. You all have been there since I started this blog and here we are now. I’m grateful for your support over the years especially during this Blogmas season.

3.  I am grateful for my friends. The support you all have shown me over the years. Even when I want to give up, y’all gave me a reason to keep going.

4.  I am grateful for the gift of life. I am here alive—hale and hearty.

5.  I am grateful for having my personal space— my little corner in parents house where I can be free and feel the best of privacy.

6. I am grateful for my family. They are the best ever, I am grateful I came through my parents and I am grateful to God for keeping us all.

7.  I am grateful for 2020. It was a year of self discovery for me, though it isn’t my best year but I made it to December. I became more intentional about my life this year. I am glad i saw 2020.

8.  I am grateful for love. Love is everything to me and it compasses all. I am grateful I found love—this does matter the type of relationship or situation.

9. I am grateful for the unexpected surprises I have had this year. This doesn’t refer to material goods but God surprised me in beautiful ways this year.

10. I am grateful for my health. Even through the storms, God still make a way of healing.

11. I am grateful for having access to plenty of drinkable water.

12. I am grateful for the random act of kindness I have received this year.

13. I am grateful for all that I have received from God yet because I know He is making better plans for me.

What are you grateful for?

Thank you so much for reading!

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Travelling can be really tedious especially with the cramped seats that comes with road travel. I compiled a few tips in which you can make your travel more fun and engaging.

  1. Drugs

Painkillers will come in handy because of the stress that comes with travelling generally and capsules in case of a stomach upset.

  1. Snack bag

Your snack bag should consist of your favorite snack and water. Be sure to avoid anything that will upset your stomach.

  1. Power bank

In order to arrive at your destination without worrying how to communicate with your host with a dead phone. You need a power bank to recharge and stay on.

  1. Earphones

Using your earphones to watch your favorite movie or music while on a road trip is the best thing ever. It is a good way to keep your own company.

5. A Chat Buddy

Spend time online chatting with your favorite person, especially if your destination is far.

I hope you found my tips helpful. If you have other tips you add to it in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading!

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It is really funny how everyday is moving fast. It is a few days to Christmas and managing your health might be the last thing on your mind with the surplus foods and stress that comes with holiday. Here’s is a few tips that can help you stay mentally and physically healthy during the holidays.

  1. Practice gratitude 

It’s a season to be thankful. Take time to notice and reflect upon the things you are thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness. I would recommend you keep a gratitude journal. Write what you are grateful for—this is the best time to remind yourself. Practicing gratitude help to set an uplifting mood throughout the day.

2. Rest up

Relax, recover, recuperate and regain your energy.  You deserve that day off to rest, you have worked through the entire year.

3. Eat Mindfully

This is a good time for your taste buds but a bad time for your waistline. Eat in moderation, Sit and slow down, don’t rush your food.

4. Boost your immune system

Take your vitamins supplement, include green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Exercise/ stay active.

5. Practice self care

Most people have dealt with stressful or crazy jobs. Take this period to unplug, spend time doing what you love. Spoil yourself, read that book and watch that movie. Have fun!

Thank you so much for reading!

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