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Whether you’re an avid reader or an aspiring blogger looking for a little inspiration in your life, here’s a list of my top best blogs of 2020. Please don’t forget to check these blogs out. Enjoy!

1.  Into Wendy’s Mind  (

Wendy is the creator of Everything Nappy, a lifestyle blog where she gives advice about the things she loves including hair, beauty, health(period care) although her main focus seems to be about hair.

2. Ericotrips (

Traveling is undoubtedly a large number of people favorite niche. Who doesn’t love to discover and experience different cultures and places around the world. Ericotrips is a travel blog founded by Eromonsele Emmanuel, where he posts incredible photos from different locations we all dream to go visit. He also posts safety travel measures and his experiences on different modes of transportation.

3.  Azilde Elizabeth (

The site is as much about Elizabeth sumptuous food porn photography and her mouth-watering recipes.
Her blog features an extensive collection of recipes, across a wide range of food categories to make.

  1. Positive Re-orientation Of The Mind(

Vivian Anegbe is the founder of PROM. She says she is a creative set out to defy all odds and the unconventional writer.
Vivian takes the complex world of emotions and makes them easy to understand and work with for greater peace, calm, and confidence. PROM’S VISION AND MISSION is to help re-orientate people by replacing toxic negative thoughts with more positive ones for a better sense of well-being.

5. Safe place blog(

Safe place blog is founded by Titilayo Adeleke—Diagnosed With Bipolar Affective Disorder, Titi created a Community which centers around mental health to help those living with mental illnesses. Her posts range on all topics related to mental health, including discussions about stigma, intrusive thoughts, and how to function and be productive while living with depression and anxiety.

6.  Labake’s Beauty Blog(

The blog was founded by Labake and the focus is on lifestyle, beauty and skincare.

Thanks you so much for reading.
What are your top best blogs of 2020?
Please do check out the blogs I listed.

Do have a wonderful day! Stay blessed.

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