It’s been a very long week and exhausting week and through it all, my mental health managed to be back on track . If you have followed my recent post.

I’m very sure you will understand what I’m talking about.

I’ve decided to ask few of my friends the hardest part of being Nigerian.

Nigeria /naɪˈdʒɪə.ɹɪə/Noun

A Country in West Africa, south of the country of Niger. Official name: Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ayomide Ogunsiakan

I told my friend i was writing this and he said, “Hmmm. There’s the hardest part? I thought it was the whole experience.”
And I couldn’t agree more.

As a Nigerian, you should always have second options because life (read government) comes at you fast, with what you once considered a grand master plan being ruined by policies made to frustrate the lives of citizens.
You are constantly faced with the risk of death either by SARS or the terrible roads in the country, and I’m honestly being generous by limiting it to these two.
As a Nigerian you are surrounded by people who constantly romanticise suffering, such that you are made to feel undeserving if things are relatively easy for you. You are tagged as disrespectful for demanding accountability. The older person is always right even when he is obviously a fool.

Being Nigerian is having to deal with a strong feeling of helplessness, the leaders constantly gaslight and insult your intelligence such that you begin to think it’s all in your head. You get so accustomed to dysfunction that you celebrate the barest minimum. You need connection to get EVERYTHING, even when you are ordinarily supposed to get it on merit.

On a more personal level, it is studying law in a country where leaders have no regard for the law. It is receiving substandard education and having lecturers that mark you down just to fuel their already inflated ego. It is getting constantly harassed and watching the perpetrators move freely because the law makes seeking justice unbearable. It is dealing with misogynistic men who don’t see a problem with their barbaric thinking because they live in a society that supports it. It is having to deal with uncertainties and having dreams dashed by selfish and corrupt leaders.
Finally, it is being forced to remain hopeful and thrive in a country that is currently hanging on a thread.

Chioma Onuegbu

The Nigerian society is poorly structured which makes it hard even to get some basic things.

Personally, I have had my own fair share of the terrible roads, the bad educational system, the bad health care system.

In Nigeria, Everything revolves around how much money you have to be comfortable and attain some certain things. You must have money to make money or to be considered an influential person.

Tobi Adalumo


Every country on the surface of the earth has its ups and downs, but when the negatives outshine the positives over a long period of time and the government does next to nothing to change the situation of things, the government of such a country is referred to as a failed one.

Tobi Adalumo

Sadly, this is the present condition of a once great and respected nation; Nigeria.
There are so many difficult parts to being a Nigerian.
First, is the absence of social, economic and political liberty.
SOCIAL – Any gathering that involves young people having fun, partying and having a good time, SARS officials troop in from nowhere, uninvited, harassing everyone all for nothing. We are referred to as cultists and Yahoo boys and girls just because we are living better than they did in their youth, because we use expensive clothing and gadgets. Our social freedom has been trampled upon and no one seems bothered enough to do something about it.

ECONOMIC – The best jobs and opportunities are hoarded, being reserved for the children of the wealthy and influential in the society, even those of them who do not merit such jobs and opportunities such as scholarships among others. A country that has so much wealth, yet the majority of the populace are poor and can’t boldly boast of three complete meals a day.

POLITICAL – A country that does not involve her youth in the Nation-Building agenda is bound for failure. The youth are said to be the future of a Nation. In Nigeria however, the youth are just there; existing, with no plan for us. Looking at Nigeria, one would realize that it’s the same generation that has been at the helm of affairs from independence till now. How is such a country is supposed to make progress?
This is my country, where I should feel safest, there’s the fear of dying at any time as a by-product of lack of adequacy in securing of lives and property. Travelling from one state to another, one comes across 15-30, sometimes more security checkpoints comprising the Army, Police, Civil Defense, Special Operations Unit amongst others. Still, we hear of armed robberies, kidnappings, rituals among other crimes being committed on these same roads. One then wonders, “What good do these military and para-military officers serve other than specializing at collecting bribes?”

Perhaps, the most difficult part to being an average Nigerian is living each day not knowing what the future holds for you.
Another difficulty, and this might seem funny is trying to convince a foreigner you met on the internet, especially Americans that we don’t live in huts in Nigeria and Africa in general. Most times, I feel like insulting them for making such statements. On the other hand however, I do not blame them. Our leaders have made it so, that asides the initial relegation of Nigeria and Africa by Europeans, they themselves (our leaders) have contributed greatly to this problem by representing us wrongly in the international community. I made a comment in a Play Station Group on Facebook earlier this year. We were to comment on a game that was just released along with our country of origin and residence. I made mine like everyone else, the mistake I made was to type NIGERIA. Next I knew, someone replied me saying “Nigeria?”

How the fuck are you online?

“I heard there’s no electricity in that country.”

I felt ashamed and sorry for myself and my country.

A Dubai citizen made a statement a few months back saying “Dubai has not up ¼ of Nigeria’s natural resources, yet Dubai is one of the fastest, not growing but developing places in the world, because we have a good leader, something which Nigeria lacks.”

After hearing this, I sat to think and wonder if there is indeed hope for this country—and just when I had lost hope, — the youth of Nigeria stsrted a revolution to take control of their future. Read(#EndSARS protests). The greatest of revolution takes time but I know there is hope for Nigeria.

Esther Adekunle

I think the hardest part of being a Nigerian is the fact that we are all constantly in fear. Each time, we hit road all we can do pray and hope we are not kidnapped or even involved in an accident due to the bad roads.

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What is the hardest part of living in Nigeria?

Do share your story in the comment section!

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It is currently 1am as I write this post with tears in my eyes. Yes , we are all living in fear in Nigeria right now. No one knows who is next or what might happen next. Each time, I want to give up—i remember Jimoh Isiaq and many others we don’t every know of that their lives have been cut short by police brutality. Nigeria needs your prayers and we need to win this fight!

The message still remains #EndSARS but are SARS our only problem in Nigeria when the government are even worse.

Protests have spread across Nigeria and a lot have taken to social media and the streets to fight against police brutality and the menace of SARS.

For my non-Nigerian subscribers, you may have been following international news for the past one week or you may have heard the phrase or have seen the hashtag #EndSARS or maybe you haven’t.

What is SARS?

The full meaning of SARS is ‘Special Anti-Robbery Squad.’ However, for a long time now this “squad” has gone outside of their stipulated functions and are now a nightmare in this country. They have been killing and harassing innocent young youths in the country under the guise of “they are criminals.”

How can you help?

A simple #EndSARS hashtag on any of your social media would go a long way—you can never underestimate the power of social media. You can also help by sign
donating to

I’m tired, we all are. I can’t count how many times I have cried this month. Seeing videos of how the police have responded using violence means to disperse a peaceful protest. Who does that?

All we ask is to not be shot, we are not even protesting for basic things— the government has refused to offer us. We are only fighting for our survival.

Whether you are out on the frontlines protesting, or tweeting, donating, mobilising support, signing petitions; I see you and I’m proud of you and i know we are winning this fight.

P.S : I am sending hugs, all of my love, prayers and best wishes as we keep pushing till our demands are met to #EndSARS and EndBadGovernmentInNigeria

P.P.S: Say a prayer of Nigeria.

P.P.P.S: Whatever you do, don’t be silent!

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Things we are all guilty of.

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Today’s post will be a little longer and different—so grab that bottle of water *no soda!* Yes, I said what I said;-) you might be needing popcorn, a biscuit or two and get comfy in that chair or bed.

In today’s post I share things we are all guilty of.

We are guilty of being so called up to the things of this world, ruining, striving, toiling so hard to achieve things that don’t just matter or do they? *think about it* and we neglect the most important thing of all which is our relationship with God.

  I guess it is the world that we live in that affect us, the moment you were born, everyone keeps pushing you to do more, be more—right from the time we were just that little baby being forced to crawl before everyone else and take that first step before everyone till you are put in school, where everyone expects you be at the top of the class, and if you aren’t keeping up they still try to push you harder making sure you are in the best school/University—so you get the best job until you are constantly trying to be running faster and faster so you are better than everybody else. Don’t get me wrong it is actually a good thing to have people who care enough to push you to do better.

These days, it is like everyone is too busy—we are all running so fast that we have no time for anybody else—we are always exhausted yet we keep running and running and lot of us don’t even know why we are running.

Why are we running?

Why do we keep pushing ourselves so hard to make more money?

Yeah I get it, we all want that business, a really nice car and that house.

But what really happens, when the business or that car is gone. I’m not trying to be a pessimist here but think about it again and again.

Note: I’m not saying hardwork is a bad thing, hardwork is a really great thing. You have to work really hard to achieve a lot.

This directs me to a verse  in the Bible “Psalm 47:10
Be still, and know that I am God
And that is where the problem comes, in the world of today, it is so hard to just be still when everyone is pushing so hard and running so fast. We have literally the world at our fingertips, we have family, friends and jobs to work. It is a very hard thing to just be still.

We live in a world of efficiency and achievement and the thought of just sitting still means nothing because we think if we just slow down a bit, we are not going to accomplish our goals and other people will just pass us so we just keep going and going and the problem with that is God has created to be relational beings—he wants to have a relationship with us and this demands three things;

✓ Our heart.
✓ Our time.
✓ Our energy.

When God created Adam and Eve, the bible recorded that he was walking in the garden with them. Jesus said, ‘Abide in me and I in you.’ and this is what we were created for, to have a deep relationship with our maker.

We all want to be independent and control our life. We don’t want to spend time getting to know God and be intimate with him because we have things to do.

This reminds me of James 4:14
whereas you do not know what will  happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
James 4:14 NKJV

That is how God describes our life, it is like a vapour it is there and suddenly it is gone, you have no idea of what the next hour holds. Even when you think you are in control of your life—you are not.

Try to spend time with God wants our attention (James 4:5)
It is not about what we do
It is about knowing him and loving him
We are living in no better time than now so wake up reunite with God—your first love. Quarantine with him

I am not saying we should sit around all day. God has called us to good work and that is what we need to do but he has not called us to do that work so hard that it takes away our relationship with him and the time that we spend with him.

God wants us to have so much security in him that is not dependent on how much you perform and how well you perform, how successful you are. He wants us to be so much secured that we no longer feel debt—there is so much joy and so much peace waiting on the other side of deep relationship with him.

There are so many things in our life that are out of our control, but something that is in our countrol is the decision that we make whether or not to seek a relationship with God every single day. It is a choice.

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