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Hello beautiful people. It’s a beautiful day and I have decided share 25 random facts about me.

I realized that I haven’t done a proper introduction since I started this blog. So this post is more like a get to know me tag! If you have been following my blog you would notice—i added a lifestyle section to the blog. So, y’all will be seeing more lifestyle posts on this blog.

1. I’m a Christian

I believe in God and I believe in HIS unconditional love.

2. I hate mobile games

I don’t enjoy playing mobile games. I don’t have any game on my phone. But i’m a big fan of board games.

3. I love my space

Who doesn’t? I like to left alone, most times. I could stay in my room for a whole day without talking to anyone not because I don’t like anybody. I just need that quiet atmosphere to function well lol. I’m trying to adjust to letting people in my space though and if I let you in my space—you are truly loved by me!

4. I’m telephobic.

Phone calls without prior notice terrifies me! Haha—it is not that bad. I get anxiety over a random phone call.

5. I’m a bibliophile!

I’ve always loved reading since I was a child. I can’t go a week without reading a book when I’m not in school but when I’m in school—I try to read a book or two in a month.

6. I’m a foodie

I love eating good food. I also enjoy trying out new foods. I eat anything and everything.

7. I enjoy doing my own hair.

When I’m not on braids. I enjoy doing my own cornrows myself. I have mastered the act perfectly since I was a child.

8. I’m an introvert.

9. I love music

Music brings this soothing feeling to the soul. I don’t have a certain genre when it comes to music. I listen to anything good—something that connects to what I’m going through at that period.

10. I’m obsessed with baggy tees and hoodies.

11. I have three siblings.

12. I love horror movies.

Horror movies can be relaxing lol. This might seem counterintuitive to some people. I just enjoy watching it.

13. I enjoy taking long walks in the evening—just me with my earphones plugged in.

14. I have no interest in sports. I’ve always tried to find a preference but I never fit in.

15. I sing a lot.

I always host a live concert in my bathroom every morning.

16. My friends call me a Jack of all trades.

I’m passionate about learning and trying out new things. I really find it hard to focus on one thing. I just want to be so many things.

17. I love writing.

I like sharing my thoughts with people through writing. I want my voice to be heard and I can only achieve this through writing.

18. I’m 5’7

19. I’m not good at maths and I’m usually envious of those who are really good at it.

20. I don’t have a favorite color. I just wear anything that goes with my current mood.

21. When I was younger, I had a imaginary friend called Henry.

22. I mostly listen to gospel music, hip hop, and little bit of country music.

23. I love the smell of books and rain.

24. I’d love to have a pet rabbit in the future.

25. My celebrity crush is Matt Sallee. He is an extremely talented bass singer in Pentatonix. He is really cute too!

Matt Sallee

Thank you so much for reading 25 random facts about me! I might do a part two in the future!

If you have any questions for me. Feel free to leave a comment below. Please leave a random fact about you in the comment section also.

34 thoughts on “25 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME!

    1. I envy you for saying maths is very easy. I think every course is basically related to it because we do maths in our everyday life. I could easily solve some simple mathematical equations though. My course is not mainly related to maths.

      Sure, I’d love to teach you.❤️❤️

      1. I don’t think I will be able to braid my own hair, it looks very difficult.
        Mystery, thrillers (mostly legal), contemporary classical and Romance. I always find it hard to see a good romance that I like.

        1. You never know until you try boo❤️
          1.Regretting You by Colleen Hoover is a contemporary romance or young adult fiction.

          I haven’t read a lotof mysteries or thrillers. The ones I have read are reading apps and it was a long time ago so I can’t remember.

          2. You should check out Who fears death or Zarah the windseeker by Nnedi okorafor. They both fantasy fiction.

  1. We are exactly both alike
    I love horrors movie like crazy but I stopped watching when someone told me that I could get possessed by it 😔

    I also had an imaginary friend when I was a child. He predicted things about the future which was absolutely correct. I felt like a God 😁

    I love the smell of rain

    I love reading too

    I take long walk in the night with earpiece, infact I am addicted to it

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