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4 Tips on staying productive during SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. I haven’t updated this blog since forever and I’m really sorry for not being consistent with the content y’all subscribed for. I had issues with my WordPress login but the issue has been rectified now. So, let’s get into today’s post.Since the spread of Corona virus(Covid-19) has become uncontrollable. We were advised to practice social distancing.Not so many of us are used to staying indoors for 24 hours. Although, some people are used to being indoors but being indoors with your family could be annoying sometimes especially in an African home. So I decided to share some tips on how I’ve been making my stay at home productive.


A To – do or bucket list is definitely important in staying productive. I use this planner app on my phone to keep track on all I have to do for the day. While planning, make sure you have a scale of preference. I’m not sure if scale of preference should be the right word but you have to each task in order of how important it is and be sure to add extra time for errands. 😅


So, everyone is literally free and bored during the period.What is that stuff that you’re aren’t really good at?This is the best time to learn and try to improve your skill in it! You can also try to learn other fun stuff too.Day 2 of my social distancing, I learnt how to bake a cake. I’ve always sucked at baking but I really baked this one perfectly.


When, you saw this heading you were probably wondering what that meant.
What’s that thing that you have been wanting to do but school or work probably got in your way? Do it!Have you been trying to get your body back on track? Just do it!I subscribed to a fitness plan because I wanted to get my body back on track. We are coming out hot after the whole Covid-19 dilemma!


You’re probably wondering how this is a tip on staying productive. I feel like this is the most important tip on staying productive. Not everyone is fine during this pandemic period. Every new cases we hear of scares a lot of people and deteriorate their mental health.Check up on your friends, Know if they are really fine. Create time for your family . You could play indoor games with them or just have fun with them!Thanks you so much for reading! I Know this was really short. I hope it was worth your time.If you loved the tips , you can share it to your family and loved ones.Please like and comment below what you’ve been up to during quarantine and how you’ve been staying productive!I love you!If you need a quarantine Buddy to talk too. You can send me a mail on or a dm on Twitter @Real_yosi.

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