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The Invasion.

Nights without lights are really frightening. The eerie sounds of cricket seemed to collaborate with the darkness, and the croaking sounds made by horny frogs looking for their extremely fugly mates made the night worse.

Alex huddled his legs up as he placed his laptop on his laps — wrapped in a comfy blanket. He decided to watch a movie to distract his self from the horrible silence and spooky night. He bent down to retrieve his bag from the floor as he took out his laptop. He looked through the movie section to see what he could watch. Moments later, all his efforts of searching for a movie on his laptop was futile. He didn’t know how all his movies got deleted.

He deliberated on downloading the horror movie “Anabelle”. He has always wished to watch the movie since it got released a long time ago but anytime he got the time to watch it, something always came up. Alex was not a fan of anything in the horror genre but due to the way “Anabelle” was over hyped by his friends. He decided to watch it.

He brought out a sealed bowl of popcorn and a bottle of coke from his bag as he settled down to watch the movie.

Halfway way into the movie, the lights came on. He plugged in his laptop into a charging extension at his back. The light flickered as he turned on the socket. He ignored the flickering light as he opted to continue his movie. He was about settling down when the light flickered again and this time it continued non stop.

“The fuck?” Alex cussed and stood up to turn off the lights since the unsteady flash won’t stop. He sat on his bed as he continued watching the movie. The lights flickered again, Alex ignored it turning to the laptop.

The lights flickered for the second time. Sudden realization dawned on Alex that he has turned off the lights and it was impossible for the lights turn on itself. Trepidation shook him as there was a sudden roar of thunder birthing a heavy rain. Alex wrapped his blanket around his self securely as the light continued to flicker itself.

The lights turned off finally as Alex tried to retrieve his torch light from the vanity table at the edge of the bed. A bright light illuminated from the laptop, Alex turned to see what that could be. Behold he saw the silhouette of a little figure making its way out of the laptop. Alex moved back as the lights turned on, he could see the little figure clearly making her way towards him. He recognized the figure as the doll from the horror movie.

Anabelle held a bottle of an unknown liquid in her tiny hands as she moved closer to Alex. She was just a step away from him. Alexander gave up and surrendered to Anabelle since there was no where he could possibly hide. Anabelle removed his blanket as she poured the liquid on him. Alex screamed, his screams were louder than that of a banshee.

He opened his eyes to see his little sister with a bottle of water and a doll in her little hands.
“I have been waking you up since, it is noon, she said as she sashayed out of the room. Sudden realization dawned on him that it was just a nightmare.

Written by Toyosi Alonge

Date: October 31,2018.


I saw this short story on my laptop last week. I wanted to submit it for a competition last year but I didn’t submit Because I couldn’t meet up with the deadline. Please comment what you think about it in the comment section. I’m always open to constructive criticism and reviews. Thank you so much for reading!!!

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