Make Beautiful Memories.

Hey guys, Welcome back to Yosi’s blog. It has been a while. I know I always say that all the time lol. Today’s blog post was inspired by a childhood memory.

Today my cab passed through a park from my childhood and I was surprised to see how empty it was. When I was a child, This park was my favorite. There were obviously other parks to go but it still topped it all for me. I can remember my visits there then. There were always too many people. Lots of children playing around, void of worries and living the moment.

That place was the definition of happiness for me. It was a serene place. Yeah, peace lived there! I always met a lot of beautiful and friendly people anytime I went there. Everyone i met was so nice. I was always excited to meet more people each time I went until a time came when I decided that I’m too old for that place.

Today passing through that place they were just few people.No playing children. It wasn’t totally silent but it wasn’t bubbling as before. I was super excited when I was told that we are going to pass through that route. I expected to see a lot of changes in the place, I was already fantasizing about the new things I’d see but there was nothing. It was all the same — no addition, no removal.

I was disappointed!

If time didn’t move so fast, the place would have probably been the same, there’d be new additions and lots of removal.

But unfortunately time waits for no man.

…Sometimes we all wish time didn’t move so fast.

…Sometimes we all wish adulthood never came so we could still live freely as a child.

Sometimes when we take our younger ones to new parks. We see new things. New things that we really wish we could explore at that moment until we remember that we are all grown up and matured — but is that really maturity?

As we are growing older we tend to diverse away from those childhood memories because we feel we are already too old for them.

I’m not saying we should go back to our childhood because we grow everyday, we meet new people, learn new things and through these growth process our childhood memories begin to fade, our favourite places aren’t all that bubbling like before but time keeps doing its job till we are old and wrinkled.

We can’t stop time but as time keeps going let’s make new friends, make new memories — mind blowing ones, take pictures, loosen up a bit. Don’t seclude yourself. Go for shows, conferences that would improve you. No knowledge is lost learn from others, have fun. Our favourite places are just buildings they won’t be there forever but those good memories we make never fades.