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A little help won’t hurt

Have you ever been in situation, where you feel like you doing something right? You feel you’re so good at what you’re doing that you don’t need help in it. No matter how perfect you think you are. We all need help just like babies needs to be nurtured, taught and trained in the right manner for growth.

So i have written lots of crappy and unedited articles but those articles were written and read by only me. I was my own reader!! Why?

  • I was scared of reviews.

I knew I wasn’t improving but i felt i didn’t need help. I’d grow on my own. I was the type that gets insecure when told that i’m not doing a particular thing in the right manner. I didn’t want any professional to see the work— i’d spent hours on writing, proofreading and editing several times to point out mistakes that i myself didn’t see. It’s always annoying. But we all need a little help to grow.

There was this writer’s block i had that lasted of three and half months or more. I can’t really remember the duration but that block actually changed me, changed my mindset. In what sense?

I was frustrated then, I tried writing but the inspiration never came. I googled on How to deal with writer’s block? It helped a little at least google suggested writing prompts. Okay, I actually wrote those prompt but when I compared it to my other works before the block. I discovered that I was getting worse and i never got better in my previous works. I decided to call for help. So, I called this writer friend of mine. When he read one of my works — i was surprised, he didn’t point out most of the mistakes that was obviously there. He just pointed out a few and even offered to be my personal editor but that help didn’t hurt. Did it?

Well, those mistakes, made me improve — though I’m not yet quarter of perfect. But it made me grow, it made me a better writer.

Why we all need help?

Everyone needs help, no matter good you think you are, no matter how perfect you are in what you’re doing;

✔ You need that critic to help you get better,

✔ Unlock that door: What do you see outside a closed door? You see nothing obviously. When you don’t ask for help behind a locked door. You starve alone, die alone. Open that door, meet people there are lots of wonderful people out there, no matter how fucked up you think life is. But keeping to yourself won’t make you see what life really entails.

✔ You revolve around the world. Can you? If you revolve around the world you will never learn of what is going on in the world. You will just be isolated. You’d die alone without help. Why don’t you go into the world? Seek for help — Break out of that web that tangles around you, let go of it. Go into the world be free. Meet new people — listen and learn from them and they would listen and learn from you in return.


Even the bible encourages us to learn, it says you should learn from the ants. It also encourages to ask for help, Ask and it shall be given unto you. If you don’t ask for that help. It won’t fall from nowhere. You can’t teach yourself. You need someone, you need a mentor. If you still don’t have that human mentor you look up to that’d help you.. You have God, tell Him. He is a great listener. God will surely send a mentor in human form to you soon.

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