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A beautiful heart

Anytime someone calls me beautiful — after the usual thank you. I ask myself — am I really beautiful? I don’t know.

✔ Is my heart really beautiful or ugly?

If my heart is truly beautiful, am i sharing it’s beauty by making someone smile, making someone’s day.

✔ Is my personality that beautiful garden not the ugly one?

If my personality was truly that beautiful garden do I take care of it so weeds won’t destroy the plants that enhance it’s beauty.

✔ How do i react when a stranger walks up to me for help?

Am I a good listener? Am I always ready to help in what ever little way I can? Do I just push that stranger away or just embrace him/her like we have knew each other for years.

Is my definition of beauty just pulchritude or inner beauty. When I was ten, when someone calls me beautiful — i’d feel like I’d been pronounced as a Miss world. I’d catwalk like runway models — I see on TV, then practice cute faces to celebrate my beauty.

As I turned 13, I became a teenager— i realized that beauty is not about having a pretty face but a beautiful heart. I didn’t have that inner beauty. My physical beauty was just a facade. I became woke. I didn’t want people to define me by my face or for my catchy smile. I wanted them to define my beauty as who I am.

My face is just a part of my body, not what I am or what describes me. Beauty is only skin deep. So, if you claim to love me — don’t love me for my facial beauty but my personality or my behavior.

Let’s lay emphasis on the concealer — a make up tool and a book.

✴ Concealer: A concealer is used to cover unwanted flaws like freckles, dark circles and more. I won’t liken my beauty to the concealer but I’m using this for a better example.

If you define me because of my beauty. What if that face wasn’t there? That face conceals who i’m. I might look like that goddess to you but the inner me is just monstrous.

✴ Book: There is an adage which says you don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You never know the goodness of the book without opening it.

You can never know who am I if you define me by my beauty. I’m still that closed book to you. Why don’t you open that book and see through it.

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