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Book Review: Dare to dream by Abiola Okunsanya.

Author: Abiola Okunsanya

Title: Dare to dream

We grew up in an environment that discouraged us to dream. In this
inspiring novel, we see how the life of Ezekiel; a boy with ridiculously big
dreams play out into adulthood.
Ezekiel came across times when he wanted to give up, times when he felt
life deliberately wanted to snuff itself out of him, but he already had a
dream, and he was not about to let anything stop him. Will Ezekiel succeed
at the end? Let the book answer!
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Dare to dream is a great book. I love the way each chapters and characters was written with great care, It was suspense filled till the end. I could relate to Ezekiel at many points in the book. I am glad to say dare to dream is educating, life changing and inspiring like the author’s penname Handzinspired. All in all, I pronounce dare to dream as a unique novel.

You don’t have to be of any religion, country to read this book. If you have not read it download it below;

Abiola Okunsanya is an undergraduate of Accounting at the Federal
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
He published his first book titled HAUNTED last year and has more
than a hundred unpublished works. He has several of his poems, stories
and articles featured on blogs, magazines and his social media pages. He is
a dedicated writer and has given his life to human growth and
development. His heart yearns to reform the almost deranged society of

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