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She smiles with shoulders high

Next minute, she is alone

“Everything is fine,” she tells you but you ignored the obvious streaks of tears.

Her fake smile was glaring

You knew she was hiding something

Why keep quiet?

Surrounded by friends, you laugh with your white teeth kissing the next glass.

She sit at home with knees hugged like a shield

One,two,three,four,five hours

You’re not back

She couldn’t take it anymore

She went out

Almost there!

Almost there!!

She saw your glorious face

All she could think of was how to met you

Your lips stretched into a frown

She was happy

You weren’t


She slipped and fell with a thump

You ignored her because of your friends

You joined your friends in laughing at her

You acted like you never knew her

You sipped your drinks like nothing happened

She stood up and made her way back home

A sprained ankle

A broken heart

She resumed her tears

You came back drunk and happy

She greeted you

You pushed her

She doesn’t exist

Light shone in the room

You could smell the awesome goodness of fried eggs

Your new name should be called moaner

Without a sorry

Without a Good morning

You preferred food to her

You cared about yourself

Like you have ever cared

Why stay with her?

Why don’t tell her about your non existing feeling?

Why can’t you help her?

She greeted you with a smile like nothing happened

She collected the food from you

With a smiley face, she set the table

But you’re so dumb to suspect

A table for two

A table of death

She couldn’t take it anymore

Why don’t we die together

Love in the grave would be so much fun than earth

Those were her thoughts

Dumb guy

Dumb guy

A plate of eggs took your life

I wish I cared and loved her

Your last words were said with a foamy drool.

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