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Who is a crush?

Who is your crush?

How do i know I am crushing on someone?

What are the types of crush?

All these questions will be answered below.

I can relate to these questions personally and I have come across a lot of people who ask those questions.

Today, I will be talking about types of crush.

1. Celebrity crush:

For a celeb crush, this is a type of crush that is socially acceptable to have thousands of his/her pictures on your phone. I feel celebrity crush are crushes that one is not dedicated to. It is very rare to find someone really dedicated to his/her celebrity crush. E.g; Brent Rivera is my celeb crush, I can’t be dedicated to him because I know he is someone I can never get. Why waste my time being dedicated to him?. Why don’t I try crushing on someone I can get?. Don’t get me wrong- it is also pretty cool to have celeb crush you’re dedicated to. You might end up lucky to get him/her -on rare cases though.

2. First crush:

This is someone who is probably your childhood friend who knows everything about you -you like each. Kind of a immature crush. It can also be someone you can’t remember their name – you just met him/her somewhere and couldn’t ignore the person’s look. It can be your first kiss in kindergarten or something like that.

3. Secret Crush:

This is a crush you can’t share with just anybody for reasons best known to you. It can be someone damaged or older. He/She can be your sibling’s friend or bestfriend’s enemy. It can be someone you won’t like to be seen around with – a socially awkward type of person compared to you. Whatever the reason may be it is someone you won’t be telling anyone anyhow.

I had this crush few years back. When I remember this, I wondered how I could even crush on someone like that. We were two different people. Okay!!!.. People says opposite attract but I guess the reverse is the case is the best word for us. Sometimes secret crush may end up being one’s true crush.

4: True love crush:

This is the crush that over shadows all other crushes. Trust me, when you have a true love crush. You’d wonder what you saw in the other crushes. It will put all other crushes to shame. It takes a long way to get a true love crush -just like driving on a road full of pot holes. It is way harder than that for those who can relate to this.


Crushes are one of the most important or common feature of a human life. It is rare to find a human who has never had a thing for something or someone. I have listed the few I am familiar with above. There are lots of types of crush but these are the basic and relatable ones so far. I hope I did a great job in this.

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