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My African Sister

Walking through the busy streets of San Francisco

Day and night toilering around

Coming and going these several season

Beads of sweat trickled down my face

Looking for someone like me.

Whites are all I see

Where art thou?

Night came creepy as hell

Never give up, keep moving

Took over my head

I lifted up my dazzled eyes

I found a black beauty like me

I found a girl with a fro.

– Alonge Oluwatoyosi

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Book Review: Dare to dream by Abiola Okunsanya.

Author: Abiola Okunsanya

Title: Dare to dream

We grew up in an environment that discouraged us to dream. In this
inspiring novel, we see how the life of Ezekiel; a boy with ridiculously big
dreams play out into adulthood.
Ezekiel came across times when he wanted to give up, times when he felt
life deliberately wanted to snuff itself out of him, but he already had a
dream, and he was not about to let anything stop him. Will Ezekiel succeed
at the end? Let the book answer!
👇👇(Opera mini

Dare to dream is a great book. I love the way each chapters and characters was written with great care, It was suspense filled till the end. I could relate to Ezekiel at many points in the book. I am glad to say dare to dream is educating, life changing and inspiring like the author’s penname Handzinspired. All in all, I pronounce dare to dream as a unique novel.

You don’t have to be of any religion, country to read this book. If you have not read it download it below;

Abiola Okunsanya is an undergraduate of Accounting at the Federal
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
He published his first book titled HAUNTED last year and has more
than a hundred unpublished works. He has several of his poems, stories
and articles featured on blogs, magazines and his social media pages. He is
a dedicated writer and has given his life to human growth and
development. His heart yearns to reform the almost deranged society of

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Who is a crush?

Who is your crush?

How do i know I am crushing on someone?

What are the types of crush?

All these questions will be answered below.

I can relate to these questions personally and I have come across a lot of people who ask those questions.

Today, I will be talking about types of crush.

1. Celebrity crush:

For a celeb crush, this is a type of crush that is socially acceptable to have thousands of his/her pictures on your phone. I feel celebrity crush are crushes that one is not dedicated to. It is very rare to find someone really dedicated to his/her celebrity crush. E.g; Brent Rivera is my celeb crush, I can’t be dedicated to him because I know he is someone I can never get. Why waste my time being dedicated to him?. Why don’t I try crushing on someone I can get?. Don’t get me wrong- it is also pretty cool to have celeb crush you’re dedicated to. You might end up lucky to get him/her -on rare cases though.

2. First crush:

This is someone who is probably your childhood friend who knows everything about you -you like each. Kind of a immature crush. It can also be someone you can’t remember their name – you just met him/her somewhere and couldn’t ignore the person’s look. It can be your first kiss in kindergarten or something like that.

3. Secret Crush:

This is a crush you can’t share with just anybody for reasons best known to you. It can be someone damaged or older. He/She can be your sibling’s friend or bestfriend’s enemy. It can be someone you won’t like to be seen around with – a socially awkward type of person compared to you. Whatever the reason may be it is someone you won’t be telling anyone anyhow.

I had this crush few years back. When I remember this, I wondered how I could even crush on someone like that. We were two different people. Okay!!!.. People says opposite attract but I guess the reverse is the case is the best word for us. Sometimes secret crush may end up being one’s true crush.

4: True love crush:

This is the crush that over shadows all other crushes. Trust me, when you have a true love crush. You’d wonder what you saw in the other crushes. It will put all other crushes to shame. It takes a long way to get a true love crush -just like driving on a road full of pot holes. It is way harder than that for those who can relate to this.


Crushes are one of the most important or common feature of a human life. It is rare to find a human who has never had a thing for something or someone. I have listed the few I am familiar with above. There are lots of types of crush but these are the basic and relatable ones so far. I hope I did a great job in this.