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Nights without lights are always the best, a anopheles mosquito once said.
“Let’s embark on a bloody journey,” She said to her to her daughter.
“Bloody journey it is,” Her fugly daughter said.

Zzz zzz zzz

Emily slept like a dead elephant.
Snores filled the room like choirs trying out their new a capella song
Opened window, breeding water, creaking bed.

“Mama, I see a opened window, the fugly daughter said.”
“Lead the way, honey,” Mother mosquito said with a bow of mockery.

Mama mosquito lucid eyes shone like the precious diamond.
“Mama, mama, start feasting, shall we?,” tugging her mother’s wings.
“Copy me honey, suck till you’re fill, mama mosquito said.”

Proboscis stitched into my flesh
What a nightmare of intruders in my lonely bed
Painful kisses are all feel
Oh Richard, You need to learn from your masters
How I love the feel of pain.

-Alonge Oluwatoyosi

Photocredit: Google

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